Chris Lee reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

If you’re looking for the most talented hair stylist in Vancouver (and beyond) today is your lucky day! You have just found her! Yuko is Vancouver’s best kept secret if your looking for an impeccable new do. She’s super patient and will take the time to make you look your absolute best. She’s very informative with all the latest trends that would work for you as an individual. Another huge plus are the unique latest and greatest high quality hair products that she uses. I have been going to Yuko’s hair studio for three years now and I’m amazed at how she has consistently been able to up the hair game each time. Highly recommend!


Anita Law reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

Yuko is a colour magician! I was visiting from out of town and was a bit bored with my hair, so I thought I’d mix it up a bit. I walked into her salon with a few ideas — she listened to what what I wanted and did a detailed and show-stopping colouring job that was beyond creative. Yuko bleached my rather bleach-resistant black hair to a light enough tone with minimal damage, and she added bright colours in a way that gave life and dimension to my undercut, so that it looked different from different angles and in different styles (tied up, swept to the right side, swept to the left.) Most of all Yuko did it with creativity, passion and care — she forms trust with whoever is lucky enough to sit in her chair. 5/5 hearts for Yuko!


Emily Lou reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

Yuko is amazing. She is my “go-to” person to make me and my hair feel better. I don’t know what I’ll do it she stops cutting hair. I have been going to Yuko for almost 15 years now and have been happy every time. I always get compliments on her haircuts and recommend her frequently. I live in Tacoma, WA so it’s about a 3 hour drive. I will get other haircuts in between hers when I can’t make the trek but always come back. Not only do I appreciate her skill and artistry, but I so enjoy Yuko as a person that it makes the trip worth it!


Kim Aldridge reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

Yuko has been my stylist for about 3 years now. She is so gentle, gracious, full of fun energy and on the edge of trend. The best part about Yuko is how she values her client’s own style, input and will always be honest and encouraging for you to walk away feeling heard, that you feel amazing and that she used the most quality techniques, products and knowledge to achieve your look. Yuko has extensive background in the hair industry and now lives her truth in her own studio where her talents best shine – helping people shine their hearts up through their hair!!! Yuko is just the best in so many areas and is also so very committed to community and her own friends and family – had to add that in. You will feel welcome if you are anyone from all walks of life and you will leave feeling and looking amazing. <3

Jennifer Dowdeswell reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

Before finding Yuko I’d never really liked getting my hair cut or done in Vancouver. I never really felt comfortable. Then I found Yuko. The experience with her is just that – an experience. Yes, you get your hair professionally done and it will look fantastic every time. On top of that though, her space is comfortable, professional and inviting. Her manner is gentle, genuine and vibrant. At the risk of having more trouble booking in because she’s so busy with new clients…I recommend her to everyone. She’s the best.


Theresa Tang reviewed Yuko Hair Salon

— 5 star

Yuko is very kind and gentle, which made me very comfortable in getting my hair and make up done. She is talented and very customer focused. The end result is that she makes you feel beautiful inside and out. I recommend going to her salon. You will not be disappointed! She’s the best!



Seann Parcker reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

I’ve been going to yuko for years… I’ve referred friends and family to her over and over. She’s that great… What I love most about her is the passion that she has for what she does and the people that she works on. Once you’ve spent time in Yukos chair it’s as if you’ve become family. She cares about how you feel about her work and most importantly how you feel about yourself once she’s finished. All I can say is go once and see for’ll love her too…


Angela Franklin Hsiao reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

I love going to Yuko’s. She is super professional and listens to her customer for ideas. And then she puts her own spin on it, which is always better than I imagined. Thank Yuko for all the fun colours and cuts you did for me



Helen Song reviewed Yuko Hair Salon

— 5 star

Yuko’s the superhero of hair and makeup. She’s got such a wide range of style, ability to cut and style thick unmanageable Asian hair, and all in a way that always grows out so well. For makeup – I’d say she’s about the only person that I let do my makeup. I’ve had some disastrous looking makeup jobs by other “artists” that have no idea how to adjust for Asian faces.
I never hesitate to recommend Yuko for any age, style, or occasions. She’s the best!



Marlyna Los reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

It’s not easy to find a good stylist who is both excellent in colour and highlights and giving good cuts. Yuko is both. I was so happy to find her 4 years ago and leave everytime loving my hair cut and colour!



Christine Amala Hayes reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

I struggled to find a master hair cutter for years and Yuko is the one I was looking for! She knows how to texture and work magic into straight fine hair and makes you feel special! Fabulous!



Rhianna I reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

I am in love with Yuko Hair Salon! Yuko creates the most relaxing atmosphere and the way she handles your hair is like an art. I always feel so renewed spiritually and physically after visiting Yuko.


Thearoth Abarca reviewed Yuko Hair Salon

— 5 star

Yuko has been my hairstylist for many many years! I always look forward to having my hair cut and colored by her and feeling new again! She puts so much love in her work and is always there to listen to your needs, whether it be a big change or just a root touch up / cut!
You won’t regret going to Yuko!


Eve Green reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

I love Yuko! I think she has been my hairstylist for approximately 14 years! I always get great compliment on my hair 🙂 She is creative and has a real sense of style and has never misguided me when it was time to make drastic changes! I have referred my friends to her and they have all been very pleased and still see her regularly!


Kylie Slahvahshkah reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

Thank you Yuko! I always receive many compliments on my hair cut after visiting her & the cuts always grow out really nicely. I feel like a new & refreshed person each time 🙂



Laurell Barker reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

Amazingly artistic and tasteful when it comes to cuts and colours, Yuko is a fantastic human with a great sense of humour and a gorgeous, peaceful workspace



Noelle Ray Natraoro reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

Amazing professionally and she shares a warm positive energy that gives such a personal experience in her Salon


Alexandra Skinner reviewed Yuko Hair Salon — 5 star

Best haircut I ever had! Looks good even when I just wash and go. Will definitely be back




Mariela Nuyda Hall reviewed Yuko Hair Salon  — 5 star

Yuko’s the only one who touches my hair! She’s a true artist. I have love every cut and every color!




Graziella Nogueira reviewed Yuko Hair Salon

  — 5 star

Super pleasant space, personalized treatment, highly knowledgeable, professional and beautiful person is Yuko Turnbull!




Ryan Valley reviewed Yuko Hair Salon  — 5 star

She makes me look good. Thats not an easy thing to do




 Lauren Kyte reviewed Yuko Hair Salon

Yuko is amazing! So talented and creative.Her skills as a stylist are out of this world. The entire experience is wonderful. One of the things I adore is that Yuko focuses solely on one client at a time so the appointment is fast and proper attention is always paid. Can’t recommend her enough!!




Mark Orthodoxou reviewed Yuko Hair Salon

I cannot make a strong enough recommendation for Yuko. She is an incredibily talented hair stylist and aesthetician. But she could also be just as successful as an artist, wellness coach, or life coach. Her studio is bright and clean and full of love. Improve your hair. Improve your life. Make Yuko part of your routine.

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