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How To Achieve Perfect Curls?

Special recommendation for curly hair:
To arrange wayward curls, you should wash your hair and while it still wet I recommend using moose


How To Achieve Healthy Shiny Look?

There are hair products that give your hair cultivating “finish” especially at the edges. Popular among them is the serum (from the silicones family). It can create a more healthy appearance and unify the split ends to achieve great results. Due to the liquid texture of the product (usually) use small amount and apply it only on the edges between 3-5 cm at most.


What are the causes for hair loss?

Common causes of hair shedding are:

– Genetics, a tendency to baldness – for men especially but not only.
– Lack of iron – can be caused by many reasons, such as diet, prolonged stress situations, pregnancy, abortion, cessation of pills or other chronic diseases (anemia, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction).
– Hard flu disease or pneumonia – can cause temporary hair loss.
– Hormonal imbalance in women – next pregnancy, thyroid problems, adolescence and menopause.
– Typically, hair lose came close to an irregular cycle.
– A side effect of taking medication – if you start taking drugs and your hair start falling out, consult a doctor.
– Not a balanced and healthy diet – lack of protein, iron or zinc. Extra vitamin A and more.
– Chemotherapy and radiation – due to damage to root cell division in the body, causing these treatments.
– A state of acute stress. Stress – sometimes hair loss can occur weeks after the event.


A proper haircut for thin hair?

Here are some types of haircuts that can fit for thin hair:

– Internal Rate of the hair and a special cut on the edges
– A combination cut of geometric lines.
– A short cut (preferably with layers).
– Curl permanent.
– For extremely thin hair you can add hair extensions.


Hair Design

We all know that a special hair design and flattering haircut can upgrade our overall appearance several times. So I’ve checked for you what trends designs we have this season and included some tips for achieving them. Do not go anywhere without reading the following article!
Fashion is changing under the influence of changing seasons and the mood they are inducing us, giving us the golden opportunity to re-invent ourselves in terms of general appearance, and hairstyle particularly.

Here are some easy tips for hair at the beginning of a new season:
Maintain the natural and youthful appearance as possible in shaping hair, this is the new trend that sweeping the world.
Successful choice of hair color tone would be based on merging with the natural pigment and skin tone.

For those how interested in lifting their hair, I recommend it to be “light” hairdo, while maintaining the natural movement of the hair to achieve the trendy look.
Design materials – plain spray gives the hair shine of natural hair and full of vitality.
Special hair accessories can make the final touch required to complete the overall look and design of the hair.


Myths About Hair Care

Myths about hair care routine affect on how we treat it. Before we start, it’s important to know:
just the shampoo is not enough, conditioner will not make your hair flat, the ultimate way to open ties is when the hair is wet and hair loss does not mean that you are getting bald.
There are many myths and false perceptions about Hair Care and Hair Design.

Once you know the truth, the solution to the hair care challenges makes sense, and stop being a hidden secret.
The most common myth about hair care is that it is alive and we can change it temporarily by using a product that contains recently discovered magic formula. The truth is that hair only lived at the base beneath the scalp. Like our fingernail, hair is actually dead material, which can be cut to shorter haircut and get thrown. This fact alone leads us to two important conclusions on how to keep hair stronger healthy and richer look.

1. First Conclusion
We must prevent hair damages by creating a healthy environment beneath the scalp, where hair is created or developed. Since the basic form of hair is 100% keratin (fibrous protein found in layer of skin, hair, nails, etc.), our diet should contain a good balance of protein consumed, for example dairy products, meat and poultry. For the vegetarians among us, good alternatives for other protein may be nuts, beans or peanut butter. In days of high-protein diets, we’ll start seeing more and more people with less hair problems.

2. Second Conclusion
Since the hair we see above the scalp area is actually dead matter, how can we fix the damages like external environment or chemical damage after treatments such as smoothing hair? First of all, we must understand that any form of solution or some other product that we apply on our hair is always a temporary solution, no matter how well this solution will be.



This leads us to some unfounded ideas concerning shampoo and hair conditioner. One of them is that shampoo alone can increase the overall health of the hair. Shampoo, no matter how exotic or expensive ingredients added to it, is designed to perform only one thing! To clear the excess milk of the hair (natural oils), the sweat of the body and environmental infections. This is a scientific contradiction to think cleaning the hair also contributes to maintaining healthy hair. The longer the hair will be, it will be more vulnerable, exposed to more damages like design and heating devices, chemical processes, such as hair color or hair smoothing.
Therefore, the middle part to the tips of your hair doesn’t need the deep cleaning like the hair near the scalp.
The solution is very simple – Massage your scalp gently overlaps with the shampoo only very close to the scalp. When you rinse off the shampoo, the other parts of the hair will ensure good cleaning too.

Hair Conditioner

Most people have misconceptions about the application of hair conditioner that flat their hair or will add volume. I will solve that first of all by learning how to apply hair conditioner, and second by understanding the different uses of the three different types of hair conditioners: washable hair conditioner, daily hair conditioner and deep hair conditioner.
The use of hair conditioner for all hair types, thin, thick straight or curly hair is actually the same.
The use of conditioner is reversal of the use of shampoo as discussed above.

If we soften the area near the scalp it can make it too oily, heavy, causes hair loss and less controllable to design. The solution is to apply the conditioner further away from the scalp to the ends. Then use a wide teeth comb and transfer it between the ends of the hair, gently comb the conditioner while treating those split ends. By finishing this, the hair conditioner will be on the hair around three to five minutes to achieve maximum efficiency repairing any damage or frizzy areas.

The concept of applying a deep hair conditioner is similar to what we have described above. In this case, the hair should be smeared with hair conditioner up to twenty minutes to allow penetration into the inner layer (cortical) of the hair. If you want to make it shorter you can wrap your hair with a hot towel and leave the conditioner on for only ten minutes. Treatment of deep hair conditioner should be once a week for most hair types. If you choose on a deep hair conditioner more often thinking it will be better for your hair then it make the opposite effect on the hair. If you use protein based hair conditioner to strengthen hair or add volume too often, hair can become dry and fragile. If you use too much conditioner to add moisture or oily conditioner, your hair can look lifeless.


Hair Ties

Many people think that it is safer to unravel hair ties when the hair is dry.
Here are the facts:
The hair can stretch up to 50% of its length without breaking when it’s wet.
However, when the hair is dry, it can break before reaching 25% of its length.
Therefore it is better to comb with a wide teeth comb while in the shower to handle ties, as described above,
using a cream or daily conditioner.


Hair Loss

Many people are afraid from hair loss when they see their brush or their shower loaded with their hair. You can calm some of these fears by noting the fact that each hair has a life span of between two to seven years until a new hair begins to grow in its place.
This means that every day about one hundred hairs falling off our heads.
You should be concerned only if the hair that falls out is not replaced by a new hair growth.


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