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Armed with state of the art concepts, biochemists have unwittingly exposed startling molecular good points contained in the telephone that compel just one attainable conclusion--a supernatural agent has to be liable for existence. Destined to be a landmark apologetic paintings, The Cell's layout explores the total clinical and theological effect of those discoveries. rather than targeting the shortcoming of normal procedures to generate life's chemical structures (as approximately all apologetics works do), Fazale Rana makes a favorable case for life's supernatural foundation via highlighting the numerous biochemical positive factors that replicate the Creator's hallmark signature.This step forward paintings extends the case for layout past irreducible complexity. those never-before-discussed evidences for layout will evoke awe and amazement at God's inventive majesty within the impressive splendor of the cell's chemistry.

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Armed with state-of-the-art concepts, biochemists have unwittingly exposed startling molecular beneficial properties contained in the mobile that compel just one attainable conclusion--a supernatural agent needs to be answerable for existence. Destined to be a landmark apologetic paintings, The Cell's layout explores the complete medical and theological influence of those discoveries.

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According to this critique, once science fills in the gaps, the evidence for a Creator will vanish. Compiling the Evidence Rather than use a negative approach that relies on gaps in understanding, the subsequent chapters make use of pattern recognition to identify the God of the Bible’s involvement in bringing life into being. Such a method makes it possible to build a positive case for biochemical intelligent design. This approach inherently depends on what science currently knows about life’s chemistry and how the organization of biochemical systems relates to the characteristics of humanly designed systems—not on what science doesn’t know.

Scientists from Rockefeller University in New York have successfully produced a membrane-encapsulated artificial cell about the size of a bacterium. 23 The researchers extracted the biochemical machinery responsible for protein synthesis from E. coli and encapsulated it within a phospholipid bilayer system. They also introduced DNA molecules containing the genes that code for pore-forming proteins. These proteins associate with the cell membrane and form pores that serve as conduits for amino acids to enter the artificial cell.

Other proteins, like receptors, have binding sites on their surfaces as well. These regions are similar to active sites. Cell Membranes Two classes of biomolecules interact to form cell membranes: lipids and proteins. Lipids, a structurally heterogeneous group of compounds, share water insolubility as a defining property. They also readily dissolve in organic solvents. Cholesterol, triglycerides, saturated and unsaturated fats, oils, and lecithin are familiar examples of lipids. Phospholipids are the cell membranes major lipid component.

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