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Because the past due Nineteen Eighties the subject of God's self-revelation has been taken care of basically in short in Christian theology, from time to time easily overlooked, and sometimes pressured with biblical concept. Revelation: in the direction of a Christian Theology of God's Self-Revelation lays out its easy features, and starts off via distinguishing among revelation within the fundamental feel (a dwelling come across with God's self-disclosure) and within the secondary experience (statements of religion derived from that come across, or "propositional" revelation). It considers revelation as reworking and informing, as being "sacramental" or mediated via phrases and deeds, as communicated via an never-ending number of capacity and mediators, as relating to yet targeted from biblical suggestion and fact, and as achieving these of "other" faiths or of no religion at all.

Gerald O'Collins skilfully distinguishes among previous (or "foundational") revelation, current (or "dependent") revelation, and destiny (or "eschatological") revelation. He expounds with ecumenical sensitivity the advanced dating among culture and scripture. O'Collins strikes into debatable components via insisting that the divine self- revelation occurs in simple terms while got by way of human religion and that 'outside revelation there isn't any salvation (extra revelationem nulla salus'). This quantity bargains a coherent account of God's self-revelation, which could function a foundation for all that follows in theology and for discussion with those that stick to 'other' residing faiths or none in any respect. O'Collins extends and enriches what he has proposed in previous books and articles concerning the features of God's self-revelation.

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The baptismal formula) work together to effect the sacrament, revelation comes about, above all, by means of words that proclaim and illuminate events, or by blending actions and words. Actions may ‘speak louder than words’, but we need the actions. The sacramental character of revelation provides the topic for this chapter. After evoking the witness of the Scriptures, we will examine the relationship of ‘event’ and ‘word’, paying particular attention to special divine actions and divine discourse, and, in particular, to what it means to say that ‘the Holy Spirit spoke through the prophets’.

Through encountering the risen Jesus (revelation in the primary sense), Paul received the good news he proclaimed (revelation in the secondary sense). The personal self-revelation of Christ to Paul communicated the content of the gospel which the apostle proceeded to announce. J. Kira, ‘A Response to Stephen T. Davis’, in I. U. Dalferth and M. Ch. ), Revelation (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2014), 65–72, at 71; italics mine. ‘Inherently reciprocal’ (rather than merely ‘relational’) clarifies better the interplay between divine revelation and human faith.

Secondly, the particular divine activity to be qualified as ‘a special act of God’ remains in some measure recognizably independent of the world and created causality. Thus the resurrection of the crucified Jesus manifests in a unique way an autonomous divine causality.

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