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By James A. Reimer

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Might the typical churchgoer at the present time communicate intelligently on divine will, the sacraments, or the Trinity? Or has the trendy, western church mostly forgotten its creeds? And does it even topic? A. James Reimer believes that it does subject, and that the church ignores those discussions at its personal peril. In those brief, available essays, Reimer methods the dogmas of the Christian religion with humor, perception, and mind's eye. the following fundamentals equivalent to heaven, hell, prayer, and judgment are defined with ancient perception and modern application-Anabaptist Mennonite priorities yet with appreciation for the church's wider old context and traditions. Reimer refuses to think about those themes both too arguable or too dull. particularly, he imagines intriguing encounters with the mysteries of religion which could simply come from a dogmatic mind's eye. 108 Pages.

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After his armchair discovery of relativity theory and the interchangeability of energy and matter (E=MC2), he began a lifelong search for a unified theory—a simple key to everything there is. This quest for the Holy Grail of the cosmos continues with Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking. Theology (faith seeking understanding) and philosophy (love of wisdom) were historically almost indistinguishable. In the past two centuries, not only have they been separated, most often they have forgotten their vocation, which is to meditate on the whole, on the connections of things.

During the 1950s, when I was growing up in this same community, an American Mennonite revivalist named George R. Brunk II took the community by storm with a completely different message of salvation. It was a message that was to shape the religious sensibility of a whole generation of young people (including my own), both for good and for bad. Brunk was a larger-than-life figure whose caravan of trucks, massive tent, and powerful rhetoric brought change to traditional Mennonite communal culture, language, and theology.

Sometimes our poets, novelists, and journalists do a better job than others of exposing the dark and abusive underside of ourselves and our churches, not sparing even the official 28 THE FALL gatekeepers of the tradition. I am fascinated by the phenomenon of the good-for-nothing who does something truly good in spite of himself. Yet because he happens to be at a certain place at a certain time, he saves a whole planeload of doomed people, against all his own instincts. We are really all in the same boat.

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