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By Jack Carr (auth.)

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These notes are in accordance with a chain of lectures given within the Lefschetz middle for Dynamical structures within the department of utilized arithmetic at Brown collage in the course of the educational 12 months 1978-79. the aim of the lectures used to be to provide an creation to the purposes of centre manifold idea to differential equations. lots of the fabric is gifted in an off-the-cuff style, via labored examples within the wish that this clarifies using centre manifold concept. the most software of centre manifold thought given in those notes is to dynamic bifurcation conception. Dynamic bifurcation concept is anxious with topological alterations within the nature of the ideas of differential equations as para­ meters are diversified. Such an instance is the production of periodic orbits from an equilibrium element as a parameter crosses a severe worth. In sure conditions, the appliance of centre manifold conception reduces the measurement of the process less than research. during this admire the centre manifold conception performs an identical position for dynamic difficulties because the Liapunov-Schmitt method performs for the research of static suggestions. Our use of centre manifold thought in bifurcation difficulties follows that of Ruelle and Takens [57) and of Marsden and McCracken [51).

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Fn same way. O(lzI2p+3) + are complex numbers. 1 .. 11 + are nonzero. i1J2' If We also assume z .. re i9 is a fixed then h(r,9,1J) .. 0 where h(r,e,lJ) .. III + ill Z By redefining generali ty that ~ + - lJ(a l a 1 (1J) r k-1 (~» .. 1. ak(ll)r Zk + b(ll)rZp+le-ine -1 , + o(r ZP + Z). 11 > 0 and 3. Z) - 0 Im(h(r,a,~» we obtain - ~Z Let ~ -Zk l Im(ak(~»r k-2 ~2(~1'~Z,a) of parameter the map + Im(b(~)e I Im(ak(~»rZk. - k-Z E - El + iE Z - ~l + We now make the change - i(~Z E is one-to-one for ~ + -ina -Zp+l -Zp+2 )r + OCr ).

6) and C4 9)B~(COS 9, sin 9,0) - (sin a)B~(cOS 9, sin 9,0). D3 (9,O) • (cos The coordinate change is constructed via averaging. We refer to (19) for a proof of the lemma. If X· 0 We assume that then we must make further coordinate changes. X +0 from now on. 7) with £ + 0 gests that we set and a c r near a constant -sgn(X)£ rO o This sugrO· IXI- I / 2 . The next and result gives the existence of periodic solutions of r • £2[-sgn(X)r e • Wo with r - rO Lemma 2. 9) 0(£) small. 2. Hopf Bifurcation K < 0) or t < 0 43 (when K > 0).

Is a two-dimensional parameter, then in gen- Il has periodic points of order F~ More- (57,58). region (4,64]. n for in a small Il The method of proof used in (4] and [64] reFn lies on approximating Il by the time one map of a certain differential equation; we outline a more direct proof. Suppose that 2 2 w€lR,lJ€lR, where A(O) n > S. has eigenvalues A(IJ), I(IJ) with For definiteness we assume that positive integer p; the case n = Zp An(O) n" 2p + 4 + I, for some is treated in the Then by changing coordinates (40).

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