An Introduction to the Kähler-Ricci Flow - download pdf or read online

By Sebastien Boucksom, Philippe Eyssidieux, Vincent Guedj

ISBN-10: 3319008188

ISBN-13: 9783319008189

This quantity collects lecture notes from classes provided at numerous meetings and workshops, and gives the 1st exposition in publication kind of the fundamental conception of the Kähler-Ricci circulation and its present cutting-edge. whereas a number of first-class books on Kähler-Einstein geometry can be found, there were no such works at the Kähler-Ricci circulation. The publication will function a worthy source for graduate scholars and researchers in advanced differential geometry, complicated algebraic geometry and Riemannian geometry, and should confidently foster extra advancements during this attention-grabbing sector of research.

The Ricci stream was once first brought by means of R. Hamilton within the early Nineteen Eighties, and is relevant in G. Perelman’s celebrated facts of the Poincaré conjecture. whilst really good for Kähler manifolds, it turns into the Kähler-Ricci movement, and decreases to a scalar PDE (parabolic complicated Monge-Ampère equation).
As a spin-off of his leap forward, G. Perelman proved the convergence of the Kähler-Ricci stream on Kähler-Einstein manifolds of confident scalar curvature (Fano manifolds). presently after, G. Tian and J. tune came upon a fancy analogue of Perelman’s rules: the Kähler-Ricci stream is a metric embodiment of the minimum version application of the underlying manifold, and flips and divisorial contractions imagine the position of Perelman’s surgeries.

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45). D 2 ˆ/ p : 2 t t t C  2  1 p Therefore, we need to find a function ˆ W Rd ! 46), 56 C. Imbert and L. 46) to hold in B3pd , we just have to choose the exponent p large enough, since at those points ˆ 1. 46) holds in the full space Rd in the viscosity sense. 36d / 1 . 0; T / @B1 . t; x/ D 0; t! 1 uniformly in B1 n B" for any " > 0. 0; 1/. In order to continue ' in ŒT; 1 we can do the following. x; T / T p for x 2 B1=2 . T; 1 B1 with ' D 0 on ŒT; 1 @B1 . t; x/ W t < T and jxj 6 dtg. R2 ; 1/ .

8. s1 ; y0 / Proof. s1 ; y0 /. s0 ; y0 / and ˇ Ä 0 follows. t u The proof is now complete. t u 48 C. Imbert and L. 2 Statement The following result is the first key result in the theory of regularity of fully nonlinear parabolic equations. It is the parabolic counterpart of the famous Alexandroff estimate, also called Alexandroff–Bakelman–Pucci (ABP) estimate, see [CafCab] for more details about this elliptic estimate. The following one was first proved for linear equations by Krylov [Kryl76] and then extended by Tso [Tso85].

Ti ; xi /, i D 1; : : : ; d C 1, are in Q1 . In this case, we have for all i that ˛i Ä C and Xi Ä CI which implies ˛D d C1 X i. 42) in all cases where X 0. t; x/. tn ; xn ; ˛n ; pn / ! C C 1/I t u for all n. The proof is now complete. 13. t0 ; x0 / 2 Q1 (since u Á 0 outside Q1 ). Now pick . y/ D y C h. 0; y/ in Q1 . t0 ; y// t1 D supft x0 C h C M > h j jCM 0 0. t1 ; y1 / 2 Cu . x1 , that is to say, . 15. This estimate is sometimes referred to as the weak Harnack inequality. 1; 0/ plus the Ld C1 -norm of f .

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