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Manifolds, the higher-dimensional analogues of soft curves and surfaces, are primary gadgets in smooth arithmetic. Combining elements of algebra, topology, and research, manifolds have additionally been utilized to classical mechanics, basic relativity, and quantum box idea. during this streamlined creation to the topic, the idea of manifolds is gifted with the purpose of assisting the reader in attaining a speedy mastery of the fundamental themes. by way of the top of the publication the reader may be in a position to compute, at the least for easy areas, probably the most easy topological invariants of a manifold, its de Rham cohomology. alongside the best way the reader acquires the data and abilities worthwhile for additional examine of geometry and topology. the second one variation includes fifty pages of recent fabric. Many passages were rewritten, proofs simplified, and new examples and routines extra. This paintings can be used as a textbook for a one-semester graduate or complex undergraduate path, in addition to by way of scholars engaged in self-study. The considered necessary point-set topology is integrated in an appendix of twenty-five pages; different appendices assessment evidence from genuine research and linear algebra. tricks and suggestions are supplied to the various workouts and difficulties. Requiring basically minimum undergraduate necessities, "An advent to Manifolds" is usually an exceptional starting place for the author's ebook with Raoul Bott, "Differential kinds in Algebraic Topology."

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Vσ (k) g vσ (k+1) , . . , vσ (k+ℓ) . 6) (k,ℓ)-shuffles σ Written this way, the definition of ( f ∧ g)(v1 , . . , vk+ℓ ) is a sum of stead of (k + ℓ)! terms. 6), ( f ∧ g)(v1 , v2 ) = f (v1 )g(v2 ) − f (v2 )g(v1 ). 20 (Wedge product of two 2-covectors). For f , g ∈ A2 (V ), write out the definition of f ∧ g using (2, 2)-shuffles. 5) that f ∧ g is bilinear in f and in g. 21. The wedge product is anticommutative: if f ∈ Ak (V ) and g ∈ Aℓ (V ), then f ∧ g = (−1)kℓ g ∧ f . Proof. Define τ ∈ Sk+ℓ to be the permutation τ= 1 ··· ℓ ℓ + 1 ··· ℓ + k .

34 §4 Differential Forms on Rn §4 Differential Forms on Rn Just as a vector field assigns a tangent vector to each point of an open subset U of Rn , so dually a differential k-form assigns a k-covector on the tangent space to each point of U. The wedge product of differential forms is defined pointwise as the wedge product of multicovectors. Since differential forms exist on an open set, not just at a single point, there is a notion of differentiation for differential forms. In fact, there is a unique one, called the exterior derivative, characterized by three natural properties.

Repeating terms in the sum coming from permutations of the k arguments of f ; similarly, we divide by ℓ! on account of the ℓ arguments of g. 18. For f ∈ A2 (V ) and g ∈ A1 (V ), A( f ⊗ g)(v1 , v2 , v3 ) = f (v1 , v2 )g(v3 ) − f (v1 , v3 )g(v2 ) + f (v2 , v3 )g(v1 ) − f (v2 , v1 )g(v3 ) + f (v3 , v1 )g(v2 ) − f (v3 , v2 )g(v1 ). Among these six terms, there are three pairs of equal terms, which we have lined up vertically in the display above: f (v1 , v2 )g(v3 ) = − f (v2 , v1 )g(v3 ), and so on.

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