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By Marcus Adolphus Rothschild; Murray Oratz; Sidney S Schreiber

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A. S. The synthesis and degradation of liver-produced proteins. Gut, 13, 223 (1972). 2. McFarlane, A. S. Measurement of synthesis rates of liver-produced plasma proteins, Biochem. , 89, 277 ( 1 963). 3. Rothschild, M. , and Schreiber, S. S. Amino-acid regulation of albumin synthesis, I. , 98, 395 ( 1969). In Vitro Analysis of Hepatic Plasma Protein Synthesis 29 4. Liver: Mechanisms of Function and Malfunction. (Ed. F. F. Becker), Marcel Dekker, New York. In press ( 1974). 5. Becker, F. F. Structural and functional correlation in the dividing hepatocyte, in Control of Cell Division, (Ed.

All of these studies, whether on the whole animal or on the perfused liver, emphasize the effects of amino acid mixtures or single amino acids on the livers of fasting animals. However, Sarma et al. [35] have shown that tryptophan administration can increase polysome aggregation and protein synthesis in the livers of nonfasted mice; in view of the diurnal variation in food intake with the main consumption around midnight, it would be necessary to define the phase of food absorption their animals were in at the time of tryptophan administration before accepting that fed animals respond to this amino acid.

Radioactivity was measured i n the hot TCA-insoluble fraction. The results shown are the average of four experiments. preparation can be responsible for invalidating procedures for testing for other components in the protein synthesis mechanism. Such interactions within the cell may also give rise to secondary effects on factors involved in protein synthesis and thus make it difficult to determine primary consequences of changes in amino acid supply. The occurrence of incompetent tRNA in preparations made from tissues has been noted in the case of nonlactating bovine mammary gland [87] and myopathic hamster muscle [88, 89].

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