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By Martin Gardner

ISBN-10: 0716714140

ISBN-13: 9780716714149

A notebook of riddles, packed with enjoyable and illustrations.

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Going flat upsets the balance of the flavors and other stimuli, and without them such a drink is likely to taste insipid or too sweet, and … well … flat. Jon Richfield A side effect of taking the drug acetazolamide is that all carbonated drinks taste flat. Acetazolamide is used to help prevent altitude sickness by pre-adjusting the acidity of the blood to acclimatized levels. This also counteracts the acidity caused by carbonic acid in fizzy drinks, making them taste as if they were flat. I experienced this odd phenomenon firsthand last summer while drinking a soda before climbing Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro.

Is this feasible? Could anybody suggest a menu? Richard Ward I’m not aware of any living organisms that don’t have DNA, so you’d have a hard time eating any tissues or cell cultures. You could try eating RNA viruses, but you’d need to produce them in a cell culture, which generally requires animal serum to keep the cells alive. Your food wouldn’t contain DNA, but you would have used dead animals to produce it. One cheat that springs to mind is red blood cells. In many species, including humans, the nucleus and mitochondria are removed from these cells during the maturation process.

The figure of 2 square yards per person might just be achievable near the equator, although this seems optimistic. There are also difficulties in getting the required nutrients and minerals, and in seasonal reductions in output. Simon Iveson I don’t weigh my garden produce, but this year I did grow enough to fill a freezer, plus the produce my family ate fresh. All of this was grown on two small patches of land totaling about eight square yards. I believe I could have grown the minimum daily requirements for two, or possibly even four, if that had been my intention.

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