Against the Cult of the Reptile God (Advanced Dungeons & by Douglas Niles PDF

By Douglas Niles

ISBN-10: 0880380004

ISBN-13: 9780880380003

This module is designed for 4-7 characters of first via 3rd degrees. It encompasses a map of the village and an outline of its constructions and occupants, an overland trip to a tough underground event for specially courageous (or foolhardy...) characters, and an inventory of pre-rolled first point characters.

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Ramne will be able to teach lower level magic users enough to advance them a level, providing of course that enough experience points have been earned. Thieves, clerics, and fighters will have to journey to Hochoch for the necessary instruction, but will be welcomed upon their return to Orlane. The usual costs for level advancement will be charged to all, of course. Each tube contains a scroll. The first, for magic-users, has three spells written on it (slow, stinking cloud, detect magic at L7 caster ability).

In addition to her normal attack, Explictica will meet the eyes of one party member each round unless the character is avoiding her gaze (and taking a -4 "to hit" penalty). The victim must make a save vs. Spell or be charmed. The naga is too arrogant to give charmed characters any orders during the fight (she has plans for them later . . ). Remember that the naga's bite is poisonous and that when Ramne casts the dispel, all the potions in the area must save vs. being destroyed. Explictica Defilus arrogantly awaits the party in her alcove.

Too many goblins and more than a few ogres were captured by the cult, with most of them being used as reptile food. Now, however, that obstacle has vanished, and the formerly strong militia of Orlane is but a memory. If the naga is killed, all creatures who have been charmed by her will be freed from the enchantment. They will have vague, dreamlike memories of cult activities, but will not remember the experience as being real. This includes all humans and humanoids, no matter where they are. It should be noted that the troglodytes were not charmed to begin with, and will still consider humans as mortal enemies.

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Against the Cult of the Reptile God (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) by Douglas Niles

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