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Riemannian geometry has this day develop into an enormous and significant topic. This new e-book of Marcel Berger units out to introduce readers to lots of the dwelling subject matters of the sphere and produce them fast to the most effects recognized up to now. those effects are acknowledged with no specified proofs however the major principles concerned are defined and stimulated. this permits the reader to procure a sweeping panoramic view of virtually the whole thing of the sector. despite the fact that, in view that a Riemannian manifold is, even at the beginning, a refined item, attractive to hugely non-natural suggestions, the 1st 3 chapters dedicate themselves to introducing some of the innovations and instruments of Riemannian geometry within the so much average and motivating manner, following specifically Gauss and Riemann.

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The Sine-Gordon equation becomes ust : sin u. 6. Hilbert T h e o r e m . There is no isometric immersion o f the simply connected hyperbolic 2-space H 2 into R 3. PROOF. Suppose H z can be isometrically immersed in R 3. Because A1A2 --- - 1 , there is no umbilic points on H 2, and the principal directions gives a global orthonormal tangent frame field for H 2. 5 is defined for all (x, y) E R 2, and so is the Tchebyshef coordinates (s, t). They are global coordinate systems for H 2. 12), the area of the immersed surface can be computed as follows: R wl A wz = / R s i n ~ c o s ~ d x A d y 2 2 = - - / R 2 sin(2~) ds A dt = - f~2 2 ~ t ds A dt 56 Part I Submanifold Theory where Da is the square in the (s, t) plane with P ( - a , - a ) , Q(a, --a), R(a, a) and S(-a, a) as vertices, and ODa is its boundary.

PROOF. Since K = - 1 , there is no umbilic point on M . , Wa = A(p,q)dp, w13 = t a n qOWl = t a n ~ A dp, w2 = B ( p , q ) d q , w23 = - cot qzw2 = - cot q~B dq. ,,12 -- Bp dq. 4) we obtain Aq cos V' + A~q sin c? U qo is a function sin b(q) of q alone. Then the new coordinate system (x, y), defined by dx = a(p) dp, dy = b(q) dq, gives the fundamental forms as in the theorem. 3. , u = 2~, is a solution for the Sine-Gordon equation. 13) I I = 2 sin u ds dr. 14) (s, t) are called the Tchebyshef coordinates.

So e l ( x ) , . . , e n ( x ) are tangent to M for x C M . L e t a ) l , . . , w A ( e e ) = 5AB. 6), we have CAWs +coAeB = O, and 2. Local Geometry of Submanifolds 35 13 Set 02 A ~ £A~2 A Since en+l = X , we have den+l = E 02n+ i 1 @ ei = dX = E i o2 i @ e i . i i So con+ 1 = coi. By the Gauss equation we have a i = --(W? q-1 n COn+ J 1 -- -- --a2~ +1 A cojn-t-1 = --w i A w j = --wi A w j. So M has constant sectional curvature - 1 . From now on we will let H n denote M with the induced metric from R n'l .

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