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By Brian Bolt

ISBN-10: 051141496X

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ISBN-10: 0521485894

ISBN-13: 9780521485890

A Mathematical Jamboree follows the very winning puzzle books through a similar writer. It comprises 114 puzzles and actions to problem humans of every age. there's a specified statement on the finish of the publication, giving recommendations and factors, including the occasional follow-up challenge.

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The explorers will carry the scientific research equipment between them, while the porters will carry all the other provisions for the explorers and themselves. Previous experience in the area shows that a porter can be expected to carry sufficient provisions for the equivalent of 10 person-days. It is not safe to leave caches of stores on the way, so everything required for the 12-day journey must be carried by the porters. The porters can either complete the journey or trek back to base without going the whole way.

Joe couldn't resist this offer... but was he wise? 39 74 Square sisters! Anthea and her younger sister Ena enjoyed playing with numbers and one day they discussed their ages. Out of interest, Anthea wrote down the factors of her age in years, including 1 and the age itself, added all the factors together and declared she was special as the factors summed to a square number. Not to be outdone, Ena did the same with her own age and was astonished to find that her factors also summed to a square number, exactly the same square number as her sister.

But be satisfied with solving these less daunting challenges. Find: (a) five square numbers (b) four square numbers (c) three square numbers, which in each case use up all the nine digits between them without repetition. How many different solutions can you find for each? 49 92 Make yourself a harmonograph 50 In many Victorian drawing rooms a machine could be found which produced patterns of the kind shown on page 50. These machines, known as harmonographs depended on the oscillating motion of a pendulum for their effect.

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