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Since neutrons and gammarays can release either charged particles or electrons in materials and since these can then ionize the materials, neutrons and gamma-rays are said to be indirectly ionizing. Things to remember from chapter 4 (1) We encounter alpha (a), beta (/J) and gamma (y) sources. (2) Beta plus ([J+) and electron capture sources (written as EC) are also met with. These should be regarded as gamma sources from the point of view of radiation protection. (3) In general, more than one type of radiation is emitted from each source.

In fact, the volume of the waste or its weight is fairly small when compared with the volume of waste from coal-fired power stations. Waste material arises not just from nuclear power stations. On a much smaller scale it arises in hospitals, industry, research and teaching institutions. Here the solid waste is usually disposed of along with ordinary trade waste. There are, though, strict limits placed on how much waste may be disposed of at any given time, taking into consideration the activity of the waste.

There is obviously a relationship between the activity of a source given in curies, or in the case of a neutron source, the source strength in neutrons/s, and the dose rate at any specific distance from the source. The activity determines the number of particles arriving at any distance from the source, each with a precise energy associated with them. The greater the activity, the greater will be the dose rate at any point. This was the basis of the rule of thumb given at the end of chapter 3. RADIATION UNITS 43 Things to remember from chapter 7 (I) In radiation protection the units most commonly used are the rem, the rad and the roentgen.

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