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Outfitted at the scarce, yet no longer insignificant surviving fabrics of Andalusi Arabic, this paintings offers a synchronic descriptive survey as entire as attainable of its simple grammar and lexicon, plus a few diachronic comparative comments, permitting the reader to procure a close to exact photograph of this subject-matter.

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Pezón “nipple”). , VA ›hayˇs‹ “snake”, Alc. , Höfner 1943:124, for Minaean, and Bauer 1966:55–56, who reports the invariable ending -hy for the tens in the latter, matched by -a in Ge#ez, diachronically descended from duals. consonantism 19 hayxía “common dragon”, and the diminutive huáyax “little snake”,51 LA 86 and IH 170 ›mayˇgam‹ “mallet”, for SA minˇgam, and LA 127 ›kayf ‹ “traveler’s sack”, for SA kinf ). 10. 1 The number of trills inherent to this phoneme may differ not only from one language to another, but even within the same, depending on diachronic, diatopic and diastratic factors, which explains anomalous geminations and degeminations in cases like VA ›surriy¯an¯ı‹ = GL ›surr¯an¯ı‹ = Alc.

Speakers, who were aware of its basic shape /al+/, makes this interpretation of such cases highly doubtful. , xarife/o, almoxarife, and Ct. albíxeres; see Corriente 2008c: 65. 63 28 phonology “grimace; signals between lovers”, < *mug¯ ˙ anaˇgah, from {gnˇ ˙ g}, Old Cs. ). , VA ›ˇg/qin¯aw¯ı‹ “Guinean”, Alc. ninegéç “I soil” = nineqquéç “I cover with soot”, from {nˇgs}, if ›q‹ were there a reflex of /g/; see Corriente 1988a: 207), that idiolectal pronunciation disappeared with the emergence of standard AA,65 or was cornered in areas where it had little significance.

1 Rhotacism of AA /l/ is common place in Rm. , Cs. argolla, Pt. and Gl. argola “ring”, from AA algúlla, ˙ Cs. , Gibraltar, from gˇ íb(a)l táriq “Tariq’s ˙ ˙ mountain”), on account of assimilations, dissimilations and other occurrences taking place in the course of adoption of Arabic items by Rm. ears. , in VA ›har/laz¯unah‹ “snail”, ›hir/lh¯al‹ “bracelet”, ›rutayrah‹ “spider”, from {rtl}, ˙ ¯ ¯ Alc. karínja “heath”, for SA halanˇgah, and the very frequent arcá “he put” ˙ ¯ from {lqy}, also witnessed by VA and AC.

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