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Olution that consists in swapping the components of 2JR and 2C, respectively, this swap to be invoked when conjugation is being defined. 1 exhibits each of the Clifford algebras eep,q as the real algebra of endomorphisms of a right A-linear space of the form Am, where A = JR, C, lHI, 2JR or 2lHI. This space is called the (real) spinor space or space of (real) spinors of the quadratic space JRp,q . It is identifiable with a minimal left ideal of the algebra, namely the space of matrices with every column except the first nonzero.

Recall that 2 /\ V = lR EEl V EEl /\ V. The exterior algebra /\ V has the following two-sided 28 Pertti Lounesto ideals20 ofdimension respectively 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 : 2 {a} , 2 1\ V, L (fJ 1\ V, 1\ V ; the third one is the ideal generated by L , that is any line through the origin in V. The corresponding fa ctor algebras, of dimension 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, are 1\ V, IR (fJ L', IR (fJ V, IR, {O} , where L' is any line supplementary to L in V, so that there exists a surjective 2 algebra morphism from /\ V onto IR (fJ L' with kernel L (fJ /\ V ; this algebra morphism maps every element of V to its parallel projection onto L' with respect to L.

Then, since fJ = g, the map is a rotation ofJRn and any rotation of that space may be so induced, the only ambiguity being one ofthe sign of g. If we work with paravectors this is replaced by Proposition 5 Let 9 be an element ofSpin(n), regarded as a subset ofCio,n-l. Then the map pg : Y 1--+ gyg-; where y = A + x, with A E JR, and x E JRn-l, is a rotation of the space of paravectors JR EB JRn-l, and any rotation of that space may be so induced, the only ambiguity being one ofthe sign of g. Still remaining with the positive-definite case, we have Theorem 3 Let (b ~) in Cio,n(2) represent an element ofthe even Clifford group rO(n + 1) in CiO,n+l with a E rO(n).

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