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In our everyday life, we see or listen from others approximately many desirable issues. occasionally, they seem completely unimaginable. This ebook offers 501 such striking Facts.

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Iceberg In 1956, an iceberg from Antarctica came on record-335 km long and 97 km wide much larger than the size of Delhi (Fig. 6). Underground Lake Most of the lakes are on the land, but there is one under the ground. Its name is Lost Sea. It is in the USA and was discovered in 1905. Sand Dunes Sand Dunes in Sahara Desert can attain heights of 1,400 ft. equivalent to many mountains of Earth. Natural Bridge Man has made beautiful and long bridges all over the world, but Nature has made bridges of its own.

2). Thunderstorms At any given moment, there are about 1,800 thunderstorms raging around the world, generating between them about 6,000 flashes of lightning every minute (Fig. 3). Largest Volcano The largest volcano in the solar system is on Mars Olympus Moons, 600 km wide and 24,000 m high, is nearly three times higher than Mt. Everest. Sun’s Revolutions So far, sun has orbited the Galaxy 20 times, because it takes 220 million years to orbit the centre of the Galaxy. Power Houses Quassars are stupendous power houses.

Natural Bridge Man has made beautiful and long bridges all over the world, but Nature has made bridges of its own. Such a highest natural bridge exists in Sinkiang, China, which is 312 m height with a span of 45 m. Antarctic Ice Melt If the ice of Antarctic continent melts, the level of water in the oceans will become so high that the whole world will become flooded. Sahara Sahara desert occupies about 1/8 area of the land. It is about 9 million square kilometres. Sea Level Due to the global warming effect, the level of water in the Caspian Sea has started rising.

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