Secrets Behind Haute Hair Colour

Hair color is a small but significant touch that can change how you look and feel. Today’s lustrous hues aren’t just for camouflaging greys, great colour can enhance your skin tone and make your eyes sparkle.

The right colourist can help you find the right shade and avoid the dense, monotone colours that leave hair looking flat and lifeless. Generally, there are a few tricks to achieving the best colour—at the salon or at home.

Be conservative: the right colour is often no more than two or three shades lighter or darker than your natural color. Additionally, it should be augmented with highlights and lowlights for a more natural and beautiful appearance.

Use professional products: hair colour technology has come a long way. The right products are less damaging and more beneficial to hair. Many have swapped out some of the harmful and harsh-smelling chemicals for more natural ingredients.

Application: expert application is key step to achieving full and even coverage. Discuss what you want to achieve with your colourist beforehand—gloss, highlights, full coverage—as your stylish may recommend different products and techniques. If you are colouring at home, make sure someone is with you to ensure no spots are missed.

Condition, Condition, Condition: after you have finished the colouring process, a special deep conditioning treatment should be applied to help set the colour and shine. Many do-it-yourself kits include a conditioning pack. Your stylist can also advise you about the products that will help maintain high impact colour between salon visits.

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