Eating Your Way to Hair Health

Healthy Hair: Eating Your Way to Hair Health
Just like the rest of your body, healthy hair depends on a nutritious and balanced diet. As an eco salon, we know there are plenty of vegetarian options to achieve hair health.
Try nibbling on a few of the foods below and get ready to reap the benefits of thick, luxurious hair. It may take a little while, but food is always the foundation of beauty—from the inside out.
The 7 Best Vegetarian Options for Healthy Health
Rich in fatty acids, this tasty fruit is a true superstar. Avocado has the oils essential to keep your scalp and hair hydrated.
Walnuts are rich in Vitamin E, which helps protect your cells from DNA damage. They also contain biotin, which gives hair rich, shiny colour.

Pumpkin Seeds
If your hair is thinning the zinc in pumpkin seeds can help slow hair loss.
Sweet Potatoes
Beta-carotene is a tasty antioxidant that the body turns into Vitamin A, which helps protect and produce the oils that sustain your scalp. Loading up on vitamin A can moisturize your scalp and combat that dry, irksome dandruff problem.
A great source of protein, these tiny legumes are teeming with protein, iron, zinc, and biotin, making them a great staple for vegetarians and vegans.
Keep your scalp and hair healthy ingesting the iron, beta-carotene, and folate in this vitamin-rich food.
Exotic super fruits may come and go, but vitamin C is forever. The sunshine vitamin is critical for the blood circulation that feeds the follicles and nourishes the hair. Too little can lead to brittle hair and breakage.
Remember, your hair is about 97% protein, so protein rich foods are quite literally the building blocks of healthy hair. To really boost your beauty, make sure you get plenty of sleep and avoid tobacco or too much alcohol.

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